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    Premium Cold Brew Coffee (Black Gold) (Dark Roasted) (No Added Sugar)

    Premium Cold Brew Coffee (Black Gold) (Dark Roasted) (No Added Sugar)

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    Introducing our Cold Brew Dark Roast Coffee, brewed for a whopping 22 hours! We take our rich, dark roasted beans and let them soak for a long time to bring out all their bold flavour. And guess what? We don't add any sugar, so you get the pure, strong taste of coffee without any sweetness.

    Why is our Cold Brew Dark Roast perfect for gym-goers?

    1. Sustained Energy: With its slow-brewed goodness, our Cold Brew provides steady energy to power you through your workout without the crash.

    2. Hydration Support: It's not just about caffeine; our Cold Brew is primarily water-based, helping you stay hydrated during intense gym sessions.

    3. No Added Sugar: Unlike sugary energy drinks, our Cold Brew is sugar-free, keeping your calories in check while still delivering that caffeine kick you need.

    4. Smooth Taste: Say goodbye to bitter, acidic instant coffee! Our Cold Brew is smooth and delicious, making it easy on the stomach even during the toughest workouts.

    5. Convenient: Grab a bottle of our Cold Brew on your way to the gym for a quick and hassle-free energy boost. No brewing, no waiting—just pure, refreshing goodness ready to fuel your workout.

    Try our Cold Brew Dark Roast Coffee today and take your gym sessions to the next level!


    Always Keep Refrigerated

    The shelf life of our cold brew coffee is 15 days

    You have to keep them refrigerated as we are not using any preservatives. 

    How is it possible that our Cold Brew Coffee maintains a 15-day shelf life in the refrigerator despite containing milk and no preservatives?

    Our cold brew coffee bottles can maintain a 15-day shelf life in the refrigerator despite containing milk and no preservatives due to a method known as "Retort."

    Through this process, the liquid is poured into the bottles at a specific temperature, ensuring its longevity. This practice allows the product to maintain its quality and safety for an extended period, providing consumers with a longer window to enjoy their favourite cold brew coffee without the need for preservatives.

    Along with other methods such as sanitation, quality ingredients, aseptic packaging, refrigeration, and air-tight sealing.


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